Thursday, 9 January 2014

See Password Behind Asterisks Or Dots In Webpages

Every time you enter password, it is displayed as "*****" or as "•••••" in almost all log-in pages on internet. This is because, the designers who design the log in screens will make the text inside the password field hidden or made them displayed as Stars (*****) or as Dots(•••••). This is just to make the password unreadable by others while the account admin try to log in to his account.

Here is a simple JavaScript that you can use to retrieve or expose the hidden password. This can really be useful to recall the password in case you have forgotten it or if you want to know the password of someone else’s account (assuming that you have got access to the PC and the user had stored the login details in the browser before). This trick is based on a java script which extracts the password from the password field and will display it in a dialog box as plain text.

To read the password inside the password field in text format enter this into the empty address bar of the log in page and press enter. Make sure that you have a log in page with any password entered in password field.

Just Copy and paste this javascript in the address bar field of the webpage of which password you want to see;

javascript: var p=r(); function r(){var g=0;var x=false;var x=z(document.forms);g=g+1;var w=window.frames;for(var k=0;k < w.length;k++) {var x = ((x) || (z(w[k].document.forms)));g=g+1;}if (!x) alert('Password not found in ' + g + ' forms');}function z(f){var b=false;for(var i=0;i < f.length;i++) {var e=f[i].elements;for(var j=0;j < e.length;j++) {if (h(e[j])) {b=true}}}return b;}function h(ej){var s='';if (ej.type=='password'){s=ej.value;if (s!=''){prompt('Password found ', s)}else{alert('Password is blank')}return true;}}

You can also use XPass for revealing the password.

Note: Do Not Use Any Tutorial Of This Blog To Harm Anyone. This Is Only For Educational Purpose. I Will Not Be Responsible For Anything Done By You.

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