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I provide computer hacking and security articles for educational purpose to let the people be aware of the latest on going computer threats and safety methods, I work day and night to give my site users full support to solve their computer problems, I upload softwares and tools for my visitor to download them freely to use them and learn about them, I provide newly and updated eBooks for my visitor, as in am in Pakistan, here uploading speed is much slower then downloading speed, my highest uploading speed is 25 KB/s, which is much low as I have to upload courses for my site users, which are in several GBs, you can consider how much days and nights will it take to GBs of files in just 25 KB/s of speed.

Not only this, the popular file hosting site have much low spaces and some of them are not reliable, they deletes the files without informing and sometimes also ban the account and then I have to re-upload the whole database to a new and reliable site that do not delete files. Any of the file hosting provider I will chose, but the problem is that they provide only several GBs of space for the free accounts, so i have to upgrade those accounts so they I can upload all the files.

On the other side, here in Pakistan there is also the electricity crises, so anytime the power suddenly goes off, for which I have bought a power generator which runs on gas, which is much costly as the current gasoline price of the country, but I am hardly affording it and also working in local festivals and events to ensure that my site quality will remain good and I can support and help the people in their problems.

Everything on my site is free, my back get pained by working whole day on the site to developing it more and more, uploading more tools and tricks by which I can provide knowledge to the people. I am here for my visitors even in my exams just to help and ensure the everything on the site is working properly or not. I do not even charge a cent for anything on my site because I believe that;

"Knowledge should always be free!"

For letting it be free in the future, please co-operate with me for my efforts, donate just a little amount of money with which I can upgrade the site and my support to help people and letting the knowledge be freed.

Here is the details to donate the money;

Perfect Money Account Details: (Account No. for US Dollar: U4825334), (Account No. for Euro: E3376383), (Account No. for Digital Gold: G5226080)

Webmoney Account Details: (Account No. for US DollarZ210557926629), (Account No. for EuroE287650940782), (Account No. for Russian RubleR170976586251)

BitCoin Address Details: 17YYT7WXVtpZaQtWKgtnyzjtJQQGHodgiR

I will also let my visitors know that how fund I have collected for upgrading my services, supporting site and providing everything free forever.

   Funds Received (Updated till today)
MethodPayment CurrencyAmount
Perfect MoneyUS Dollar ($)
Euro (€)
Digital Gold (
0 $

0.0000 ounce 
WebmoneyUS Dollar ($)
Euro (€)
Russian Ruble (R)
0 $

0 R
BitCoinVirtual Currency (฿)0.0000 ฿

List of Donators with Names (Updated till today)

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  1. apn aphone no. dedo main apki website ko support karunga humarey yahaan india mein aisay tool ski bahut jaroorat hai chor ko pakadney kay liye.Is say apko paisa bhi milega.Mera number hai +91-9968766846. Agar whatsapp par ho to batao.Main apko server de sakta hun free meray paas unlimited 512kb/s ka connection hai aur speed bhi sahi aati hai.Meray paas ek web domain aur godaddy server bhi hai for php.So tell me if anything is required.

  2. Also give your account number to send money I am from INDIA

  3. Thank you for supporting us, your donation will help the website alot. Please give me your email or contact me on my email at


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