Sunday, 17 August 2014

Google Is Tracking Your Location, Want to Stop It?

Remember that scene in Minority Report, where Tom Cruise is on the run from the law, but is unable to avoid detection because everywhere he goes there are constant retina scans feeding his location back to a central database? That’s now. Today, Google is tracking wherever your android device goes, and putting a neat red dot on a map to mark the occasion.
You can find that map here. All you need to do is log in with the same account you use on your android device, and the record of everywhere you've been for the last day to when you had connect your Google account with your android device will erupt across your screen like, Use the calendar on the left to show your history, up to 30 days. If you choose a time period in which Google has tracked your location, you'll see the points where you've been on the map. And below the calendar, you'll see options to delete your history from the time period you have chosen or to delete all history;

We all know that no matter what ‘privacy’ settings you may try and implement, our information is all being collected and stored by NSA, on the other hand it can be helpful if your phone got lost or stolen to find it out where it is. even if you want to turn off this Google device tracking service, then simply go here, and click the Pause button to disable the Google from tracking you any more;

Note: Do Not Use Any Tutorial Of This Blog To Harm Anyone. This Is Only For Educational Purpose. I Will Not Be Responsible For Anything Done By You.

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